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04 November 2007 @ 03:26 pm

珍珠怨 ("Zhenzhu Yuan") The Pearl Grudge
Manhua-jia: Au Pi Feng
Genre: Romance, Historical
Summary: Luuzhu is a young pearl diver from a small village, whom was sold by her parents to be the mistress of the wealthy Lord Hong! But one night, when out gathering pearls on the beach she stumbles across both romance, and scandal!

Current Releases:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
MOOD: anxiousanxious
24 January 2007 @ 07:07 am
So here are groups and what each group is working on along with an explanation of the group system.

Clarification: Each group works on a different chapter/section of the stuff we're doing.

Your group's photoshopper will be cleaning the scans of your group's assigned pages/chapter while the rest of you get to work on translating and editing to bring out a script. When the photoshopper is done cleaning, it is sent to Nijii to type set.

PRODUCING THE SCRIPT (translating & proofreading)
1. Both translators write out their translations for the pages assigned. They may wish to consult with eachother on certain things that may need to be clarified or explained.
2. Both translations are then given to the editors, whose job it is to clean them up and produce one final script that will then be sent to Nijii to type set. Either the editors can work on it together, or they can split it up half-and-half, or one editor can proofread it and the 2nd can proofread it again.

GROUP 1 (pages 1-21, which includes the cover and first few colored pictures)
moshimishi [editor]
shinobee [translator/editor]
sondesilence [translator]
asunder - [photoshopper]

GROUP 2 (pages 22-43)
koryos [editor]
x_lamia [editor/photoshopper]
karayuquex [translator]
zaforgotten [translator/photoshopper]

GROUP 3 (pages 44-65)
ashesto [editor]
pearle_ [translator]
sukobot [editor/photoshopper]
nijii [translator/EVERYTHING]

GROUP 4 (pages 65-84)
raspberrypi [editor]
sookybabi [translator]
milkybones [translator/editor]
nene_ditz [photoshopper]

All the explanation and crapCollapse )

Yes, ridiculously long entry that you have to deal with. :)
13 December 2006 @ 05:58 pm

Scanslators Only!

// 高社会 // High Society // The Clique

zaforgotten [LIZ] - Photoshop Editor // Chinese Translator
x_lamia [ERICA] - Photoshop Editor // Text Editor
erulisse [ELLETH] - Chinese Translator // Text Editor
pinewood [SHIMMY] - Photoshop Editor // Text Editor
milkybones [YING] - Chinese Translator // Text Editor
karayuquex [KARA] - Chinese Translator
frazzled_niya [AKUINNEN] - Photoshop Editor
asunder [ASUNDER] - Photoshop Editor
sookybabi [COCPOPS] - Chinese Translator
sondesilence [JADE] - Chinese Translator
pearle_ [PARIKO] - Chinese Translator
ashesto [YUN] - Text Editor
raspberrypi [ORO] - Text Editor
moshimishi [MOSHIMISHI] - Text Editor
koryos [KORYOS] - Text Editor
strawberrymilk [ASHE] - Chinese Translator // Type Setter // Host // Group Coordinator

Welcome Everyone To The Scanslation Group!
All Names On This List, Please Join Group. This Is Mandatory.

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